53 Lake Champagne Drive, P.O. Box 250
Randolph Center, Vermont 05061, USA
Reservations: (802) 728-5293

Resort Policies

Policies To Follow For A Safe and and Fun Camping Experience 

WATER SAFETY: For safety reasons, we do not allow floatation devices such as inner tubes in the lake. NO swimming after dark. There is NO lifeguard on duty, and you are responsible for the members of your group. Children under the age of fourteen must be accompanied by an adult (18 and over). Lake Champagne is a very small lake, and is intended for swimming only.  No boats, canoes, fishing etc., are permited. 

GOOD MANNERS MAKE FOR A GREAT RESORT EXPERIENCE FOR ALL: We love your children and your pets, but you are responsible for them.  Respect other people's campsite; please do not walk through them or park on them. Quiet time is from 10:00PM to 7:00AM, please be quiet during that time to allow all our guests to enjoy the serenity of the resort. If you wish to listen to your TV or radio during this period, please do so in the comfort of your camping unit, (not outside), and keep the volume low. 

RECYCLE: Please help us with our recycling program. Info may be found on our website and at the resort office. Receptacles are conveniently located through the resort. 

PETS: We love all animals, and our understand all our guests expect good pet behavior at all times. You may take your dog for a run, on a leash in the fields to the east, north or west of the resort but you must clean up after your dog please. Dogs are not permitted within 50 feet of the lake due to water purity issues. Maximum of 3 dogs permitted per site reservation.  Dogs of any breed that are hostile or aggressive will be asked to leave the resort, along with their owners. All dogs must be kept on leashes no longer than 6 feet when outside their owners vehicles. DO NOT leave a tethered dog unattended. DO NOT leave dogs, cats or other pets alone in a hot RV or camper, this is dangerous to a pets health. Please do not pour antifreeze, harmful chemicals nor anything else hazardous materials onto the ground. We take pride to not use harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers for the health and safety of all beloved animals. 

VISITORS: Friends and family visiting resort guests must check into the office first and pay for a day-use pass. Day pass users may stay till 9:00PM and a maxium of five guests per site is allowed. Any overnight visitors must pay a regular resort fee.

SATELLITE DISHES: Should be placed on the right side of the camper in an area not too extend more than five feet to the right and beyond lines perpendicualr to the front and back of the camper.

MINIBIKES AND UNREGISTERED MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Are not allowed to operate in the resort, ie. golf carts, four wheelers, and go-carts. ADA approved transportation for people with disabilites such as electric wheelchairs and scooters are welcome.

HELP US TO PRESERVE THE RESORT: Do not damage trees in any way such as peeling White Birch bark, driving nails into them, breaking off branches, cutting them.  

FIRE RINGS: Keep fires resonably small, and only in the fire rings. Do not move the rings.

NO WASHING OF VEHICLES IN THE RESORT: There are car washes in Randolph and Barre that are available for washing your vehicles. When your neighboring guests report low water pressure and you are washing your car on site you will automatically be billed a $35.00 water usage fee. No exceptions. 

WASTE DISPOSAL:  Resort guests responsible for preventing wastewater from running onto the ground. Sink drain water must be collected in sealed containers and disposed of at the dump station near the resort office.

NO FISHING: There may be a small quanity of Brook Trout in the lake, but fishing is not permitted in order to ensure a few fish to remain. There is good fishing in nearby streams and state-stocked ponds, inquire for more assistance.

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE: Located at the bathhouse by the lake.

FIREWOOD: State approved firewood is available for purchase at the Resort office.

PROPANE TANKS: Propane is available for purchase at the resort office.

DUMPING STATION: Located across from the office for your convenience as you leave the campground. It is free to campers on departure but there is a charge to dump on arrival or for those not staying with us.

GENERATORS: The use of generators is not permitted in the resort.