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Covered Bridges

Covered Bridges in Vermont and Vermont Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage

From mid-September to mid-October, many people visit Vermont to join in nature's resounding farewell to summer. They love being surrounded by fall's stunning colors, viewing the spectacle -- as Vermont maple, birch, and beech greens turn crimson and gold -- throughout Vermont's endless rolling mountainsides. Tour the region by car, foot, bike, canoe, or kayak. (See other resources, Eye Catching Colors and Vermont Fall Foliage Forecaster.)

Bridges in the Randolph Area

  • E. Randolph Braley bridge, 1904, multiple kingpost over multiple kingpost
  • E. Randolph Gifford bridge, 1904, multiple kingpost over multiple kingpost
  • S. Randolph Kingsbury bridge, 1904, multiple kingpost
  • N. Tunbridge Flint bridge, 1845, queenpost
  • N. Tunbridge Larkin bridge, 1902, multiple kingpost
  • Tunbridge Cilley bridge, 1883, multiple kingpost
  • Tunbridge Howe bridge, 1879, multiple kingpost
  • Tunbridge Mill bridge, 1883, multiple kingpost
  • Chelsea Moxley bridge, 1883, queenpost
  • Thetford Center Thetford Center bridge, unknown, Haupt
  • Union Village, Union Village bridge, 1867, multiple kingpost w/kingpost arch

Other Bridges in Central Vermont (clustered by proximity to each other)

  • Calais, Kent's Corner bridge, 1963, kingpost
  • E. Barre, Robin's Nest bridge, 1962, queenpost
  • E. Montpelier, Coburn bridge, 1840,queenpost
  • Marshfield, Martin bridge, unknown, queenpost
  • Northfield, Chamberlin, 1956, kingpost
  • Northfield, Moseley bridge, 1899, modified kingpost
  • Northfield Falls, Second bridge, 1872, queenpost
  • Northfield Falls, Slaughter House bridge, 1872, queenpost
  • Northfield Falls, Station bridge, 1872, town lattice
  • Northfield Falls, Third bridge, 1872, queenpost
  • Waitsfield, Pine Brook bridge, 1872, kingpost
  • Waitsfield,Village bridge, 1933, multiple kingpost w/Burr arch
  • Warren, Warren bridge, 1879, queenpost